My employer does NOT sponsor a qualified retirement plan.   How can I still take advantge of such a plan?

FIRST, ask your employer if you can be compensated as an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR rather than as a COMMON LAW EMPLOYEE.   Ask to have your pay grossed up to cover the employer portion of your FICA (Social Security) taxes.   The employer should be willing to do that, since paying you in this way saves the employer from paying half of the FICA tax.

SECOND, get a business license in your state.   Business licenses are usually obtained through your state's department of licensing (or similar agency).

THIRD, you will no longer receive a Form W-2 from your employer at tax time.   Instead you will receive a Form 1099-MISC.   You will need to file a Form 1040 Schedule C when you file your personal income taxes.   This will show your net business income, after any expenses you incur.

FOURTH, call us at ALI Actuarial & Retirement Plan Services.  We will help you open your own 401(k) plan or pension plan, and you will be able to contribute just like your employer would.   You will be able to take advantage of the same magnitude of contributions, and more importantly, the same TAX DEDUCTIONS, as your employer.   Since it will be YOUR OWN PLAN, (and not the employer's), the employer will have nothing to do with it.   You can select the investments and you control how much you contriubte and when.