This page allows you to calculate the range of allowable contributions to a conventional defined benefit pension plan for an individual, in the first year of the plan, given certain key pieces of information:

  • Current age

  • Annual compensation (or earned income for a sole proprietor)

  • Retirement age

  • Years of past service in this business (maximum is 10 years)

  • Year the plan is effective (affects IRS Dollar limits)

  • Sole Proprietorship - the maximum deduction is limited to 100% of earned income, less 50% of self-employment Social Security tax.

The program will calculate a range of allowable contributions.   Under the Pension Protection Act of 2006, the plan will have a MINIMUM REQUIRED contribution, a MAXIMUM DEDUCTIBLE contribution, and a RECOMMENDED contribution that will lie somewhere in between.

The calculation assumes a NEW PLAN in the first year of operation.   In subsequent years, the range of allowable contributions may change slightly due to a number of factors, such as investment performance, change in pay, and changes in legal benefit limits.

Actuarial Hints:

(1)    If you want to contribute MORE than the maximum shown, try using a Retirement Age of EXACTLY 10 years more than Current Age.   This usually resutls in the highest possible deduction.   (But beware - IRS can challenge a Retirement Age less than 62.   And if the Current Age is 60 or more, the Retirement Age can't be more than 5 years later.)

Or, try using more Compensation.   According to IRS Dollar Limits, the maximum benefit that we can fund in a defined benefit pension plan is currently

  • $210,000 for plan years beginning in 2016

  • $215,000 for plan years beginning in 2017

  • $220,000 for plan years beginning in 2018

(2)    Make sure the Current Age you enter is LESS than the Retirement Age you enter.

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Current Age:            (Must be between 25 and 80)

Desired Retirement Age:        (Must be between 55 and 90)

Current Annual Pay:        (Equals Earned Income for Sole Proprietor; limits are $265K in 2015-2016, $270K in 2017, $275K in 2018)

Past Service With This Employer :       (maximum is 10 years)

Year Plan Effective :      (e.g., 2017 - affects dollar limit)