ALI Actuarial & Retirement Plan Services is located in Fletcher, North Carloina.  Our primary business is the design and administration of qualified and non-qualified retirement plans, including defined benefit, 401(k), profit sharing, money purchase, and employee stock ownership plans.  

Our customers are corporations of any type, sole proprietors, partnerships, limited liability companies, and non-profits.   Any type of business entity may sponsor a qualified retirement plan.

We are a true third party administrator (TPA) in that we do not invest plan assets, nor are we compensated through the assets of our clients.  Our fees are based purely on consulting, design, and administration services to our clients.  See more about our Prices.

Our firm opened for business in 1997.  We currently have over 350 clients of all sizes throughout the United States.  We are taking on assignments in all states because our service is done primarily over the Internet.

We also take on actuarial projects such as pension benefit calculations, actuarial and demographic forecasts, continuing care retirement community evaluations, mortality and morbidity studies, and related projects.

Our primary actuary, retirement consultant, and owner is:

Bruce Marotta,  Enrolled Actuary

Bruce has worked in the retirement plan business since 1977.  His experience includes actuarial work for a large insurance company, as well as pension consulting, design, and 401(k) recordkeeping with several large employee benefit organizations.  He has also performed systems design, systems analysis, and programming functions for these organizations.  He was the main architect and programmer for two actuarial valuation systems, two defined contribution recordkeeping systems, and several open group forecasting models.

His professional designations include:

*  Enrolled Actuary (EA) - this designation entitles the holder to complete and sign Form 5500 Schedule SB which is the funding statement portion of the tax return required of all qualified pension plans in the United States.  With this designation, Bruce performs all actuarial calculations, provides actuarial advice, and signs Schedule SB for all our pension plan clients. 

*  Bruce also has held past memberships as a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (FSA), Member of the American Academy of Actuaries (MAAA), and Fellow of the Society of Pension Actuaries (FSPA).

If you have any questions about our services, capabilities, or prices, please contact us at ALI Actuarial & Retirement Plan Services.