We offer design and administration of all types of qualified and non-qualified retirement plans. Our prototype defined contribution and defined benefit plans are IRS approved.  Most of our work can be accomplished over the Internet or via email.  We are THE Internet actuarial service provider. 

Please call us at 919-357-2267 if you would like information on any of these actuarial services:

  • Retirement plan design and administration

  • Actuarial valuations of pension plans

  • Defined contribution plan recordkeeping

  • Other specialized actuarial studies and forecasts

  • Mortality and Termination Studies and statistics

  • Divorce calculations for individuals' pension benefits

  • Employee communication of retirement benefits

  • Individual retirement planning & retirement needs assessment

We also write customized programs for special actuarial or retirement needs. Also, you can adopt a qualified retirement plan over our website using our prototype adoption agreements.

Please explore our site, and if you have any specific questions about qualified and non-qualified retirement plans, please contact us at ALI Actuarial & Retirement Plan Services.  We can be of service most anytime, including weekends!